The ElectroCide System

One Solution: electrolyzed water. Multiple Applications using a safe, effective and affordable multi-purpose cleaning and sanitizing system.

The ElectroCide System is based on electrolyzed water technology. A diluted salt water solution is passed through an electrical field and two separation membranes. This process generates two separate outputs simultaneously.

The first is alkaline water with a pH of approximately 11.8. The alkaline water is used as a cleaner and degreaser. The second is acidic water with an approximate pH of 2.7. The acidic water, containing 50 ppm free available chlorine, has bactericidal/viricidal benefits.

Product History & Company Information

ElectroCide was previously developed by Electrolyzer Corporation, a private company established and owned by two former senior managers from Cabot Corporation.

ElectroCide was the first generation product introduced and installed in the food market in 2003.

In 2009 Electrolyzer Corporation sold the rights to the ElectroCide system and our electrolyzed water technology and changed our name to "B&H Water Corporation". While the ElectroCide system is no longer available from us, we will continue to support and service our customers who use ElectroCide systems purchased from us. Please continue to contact us at 781-933-8801 as you always have for warranty service and supplies.

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